we don't give extra credit for coming prepared, but if we did these tips would earn you an A+!

So you have found your perfect mate and have set the date..... what next? ​ At Harrington Smith, we start with a brief conversation with our bridal couple, either by phone or email. We will get some preliminary information from you: date of wedding, time and location of ceremony and reception, approximate number of guests, bridal party, and family members participating.
We will see if you have chosen a bridal gown and dresses for the bridesmaids, as well as a color palette. If you have been researching styles, colors, trends, and compiling inspiration images we will use these as a catalyst for determining your specific style and color preferences. You may not know it, but we will often see a repetition of flower form, color and general aesthetic through your inspiration images, even if you feel like you are all over the style map. It is also helpful to provide a swatch of fabric from your bridesmaid dresses, or perhaps pantone swatches for color groupings.
Next, we will set an appointment for a preliminary consultation at our studio. We recommend allocating 1-2 hours for the first consultation. We will talk with you (and most of all-listen!) and show you options from our extensive collection of custom containers, candles, props, linens, tent and ceiling chandeliers, lit grapevine balls, and rental furniture. If you  are out of area and not planning a visit to Colorado, we are well versed in putting together a proposal via long distance consultation.
Once we have generated a preliminary proposal, we will create a custom inspiration board for you, providing you with a visual of elements, color palette, and styling of your event. From there, simple refinement. We listen to you, we respond promptly to your questions, and we are always available to chat when you need clarification. In short, we treat each wedding as if it were our own. Once you have made the decision to work with Harrington Smith, we will "save your date" by securing a deposit, generally 50% of the estimate. We will send a contract for you to sign and return to us. This deposit is to hold your date. We will do further revisions to your proposal as your big day approaches; we understand that the preliminary proposal is a work in progress and will be subject to refinement as your guest list, floor plan and event flow develops. Your consultant at Harrington Smith will provide a final proposal and itemization around one month prior to your event.
We are dedicated to making each wedding unique, and to create an environment that both reflects the personality of the bride and groom and surpasses all expectations!



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